5th October 2022: Second day at school

On Wednesday we got the opportunity to choose our schedule. Everyone tried to put as many special subjects as possible on their schedule. We chose ceramics, art, architecture, dance, cooking and health to name a few. There were many different sports to choose from as well. From this point on, our exchange students had to leave us and we had to go our own way. Finding our classrooms wasn’t easy, because the Guyer High School, with eight halls and a 9th grade center is much bigger than the AvH. Here we learned that the student population is over 2000 students. With lots of excitement we joined our first lessons and experienced the differences between the German and American classes. A lot of the students are really chilled during the lessons because they we allowed to use their phones in some of the classes, and to eat and drink whenever they wanted. They were also really interested in what life is like in Germany and asked many questions.

(written by Anna G. and Lilian L.)