See you later navigator

On Monday, 15th of November our class 7.4 went to the BKA Theatre. There we watched the play “See you later navigator” or short “S.Y.L.N.”.

The play is an English theatre play. It´s about two English students who take part in the game “S.Y.L.N.”. They can win heaps of money.

The two participants, the clumsy Tom and the intelligent Maddy, must answer questions about London sights to find their way through London without GPS. There are also some blockers in the streets who try to slow Tom and Maddy down in their race against time. 

Besides Tom and Maddy, there are two other main characters in the play: the game director, Rebecca Ryan, and the sponsor of the game, Dr Quant.

Dr Quant owns the company “Brainwaves”. He secretly tests the “brainy glasses”, his invention, on Tom. With the glasses Tom knows all the answers in the game but when he suddenly faints and behaves in a strange way the teenagers are worried. 

At the end Tom and Maddy make an important decision.

Our class liked the play because it´s funny and easy to understand. Our favourite character is Dr Quant because he´s funny and crazy.

by Jan-Malte P., Emil L. and Emil G. (7.4)

(pictures are published with permission of Platypus Theatre)