Presentation on the job of a physiotherapist

Schüler im Gespräch beim Kompetenztag 2015 an der AvH
Schüler im Gespräch beim Kompetenztag 2015 an der AvH

In the context of our school’s project day the physiotherapist Sabine Diesing presented the teaching and training opportunities at the medical university Charité in Wedding, Berlin. Before going into detail Mrs Diesing informed us about the history of the Charité itself, starting as a plain hospital for all kinds of citizens but developed to be one of the most modern hospitals and scientific research facilities. Further the clinic of the university provides a vast diversity of trainings such as speech therapy, physiotherapy and midwifery. Most of the presented trainings take up to three years to complete.

Additionally to Mrs. Diesing’s presentation the audience was not only provided with flyers for the respective trainings but also with a special object, e.g. an artificial knee-joint, each of them representing a certain area of training. Therefore evéryone could choose a staion wiht the job one was interested in the most.

Afterwards the spokeswoman answered all of the audience’s questions before ending her presentation five minutes earlier than originally anticipated.
To cunclude, one has to mention Mrs. Diesing’s very professional and souvereign way of presenting despite minor technical problems which didn’t affect the successful and indeed interesting depiction of the opportunities the Charité has to offer.

In order to gain more information visit the following website, the homepage of the Charité.

N. Ermer; LK Englisch 12