Excursion to London

Die Teilnehmer der London-Exkursion 2016
Die Teilnehmer der London-Exkursion 2016

In June the English advanced course of our school spent their one-week class trip in London.

The course decided to go there by plane because it is just a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, we had delays over more than one hour on both flights. Landed in London Luton, we still had a one-hour bus trip ahead of us, so we were even more happy to arrive in a nicely designed and very well located hostel.

During the week we saw a lot of places that are famous for London. The first two days we walked through the city centre and every student had to present one of the sights we were walking past. Another activity was the Shakespeare & Dickens Walk which was a guided tour through the part of the city where Shakespeare had lived. The tour was very interesting because we got to know a lot about Shakespeare’s private live. On Wednesday we went to Greenwich to visit the Royal Greenwich Observatory and the National Maritime Museum. In the evening we met at the Globe Theatre to see the Shakespeare play Macbeth. Thursday was the only day with a lot of rain which was very fitting for the Museums day. There were two groups which either visited the Tate Modern or the Science Museum after we were at the National Gallery together.

Although we did many things with the whole group, we still had enough free time to visit other places of interest, to go shopping or to get food. Except for the breakfast we had to organise the food ourselves which didn’t appear as a problem.
Also the transportation within the city was easy because we had our pre-paid weekly tickets.

All in all, we, as a group, had a great time in London and everyone enjoyed the trip. We would like to thank Mrs. Schrödter for organising the excursion and Mr. Kranz and Mr. Riedel for accompanying the trip!   (L. Walter)