A presentation about the Great Barrier Reef

Hi, we are Elias and Gesine from class 7.1. Our English teacher Ms. Sacher gave us the task to prepare a presentation about the Great Barrier Reef.

We met after school and thought about how to approach our topic. First we collected ideas and talked about what we could say in the presentation. Then we found out some important information on the Internet and we looked for material.

Furthermore we had a special support: Elias’ brother prepared his 5th PK on this topic. From him we got a beautiful poster, two creative T-Shirts and a book with great pictures and interesting facts about the coral reef.

After we created a piece of paper with bullet points, we practiced to speak the texts fluently and without mistakes. In addition we designed a handout for the class so that the students could follow the presentation better. And what is the result? We’ve got a mark 1 for our presentation. We were very happy about that.

The Great Barrier Reef – information

The Great Barrier Reef, found in Queensland, a state in Australia, is the world´s largest coral reef and is home to thousands of different species of animals, coral and plants. It´s one of the world´s few natural wonders but unfortunately it is in danger of being destroyed. Coral bleaching is a result of both global warming and industrialisation, for example, the coal industry on the coast of Queensland.

The reason we chose this topic is because we both think The Great Barrier Reef is really beautiful, impressive and interesting – a place we would love to visit when we are older.