23rd October 2022: The Farewell Party in the middle of nowhere

One mile north of loop 288, in the middle of a 700 acres big ranch, Mark, Ken and Dave allowed us to celebrate the end of our amazing time in Texas and set up a beautiful place for us. 

Everybody was invited to come. 

The party was supposed to start at 6 p.m. but of course, some people arrived a little later. Therefore dinner, which was eagerly awaited, sadly began around 7. Everybody brought something to drink and to eat and we had freshly fried fish and BBQ. 

In addition, the blue sky in combination with the sun beginning to set slowly created an amazing and truly magical atmosphere. After we had finished dinner, all students climbed up a little hill nearby for a “Gruppenfoto”. Just like in White Sands we all watched the sunset together. But the evening wasn’t over yet, there still was something very important to come. Around 7:30 p.m. everybody headed down the little hill and some of the Germans changed their clothes. In the meantime, the Americans and their parents sat down around a fireplace and were ready to experience something incredible. Together with Ms. Benning we had turned Roald Dahl’s “Little red Riding Hood” (in German: “Rotkäppchen”) into a play and spiced it up with some Texan flavour. For the Americans it was a lot of fun and they seemed to enjoy play thoroughly. 

Sadly, it was all over afterwards, and everybody headed home. It was an unforgettable last evening.

(written by Haldor and Willi)