21st October 2022: Splish Splash we were taking a bath

The day started as a pretty ordinary school day apart from the fact that some of us went to Mrs. Whitney, the second German teacher at Guyer, to meet her Freshmen.  In her German class we were invited to answer questions about Germany and to tell them about our exchange. They were really interested and asked multiple questions about differences in cultures or our opinions on fast food restaurants.

After school we went shopping or headed home to prepare ourselves for the pool party.  

At 6 o’clock we all met at Paige‘s wonderful house for a big pool party. Almost everyone from the exchange program joined. We played volleyball in the big pool or chilled in the hot tub, which was lit up by LEDs, while the sun set slowly in the west. Paige’s parents are super nice and they offered us tons of snacks, drinks and pizza. The atmosphere was really relaxed and we all joked around. There were some pretty interesting conversations and everybody enjoyed themselves.Most of the people left at about 11-12 to get a good sleep after the long day.

(written by Marlene and Leonie)