25th October 2022: Last day at school and departure

Today’s morning started off with an interview for the Guyer High School journal. We were invited to Mrs. Pritchard’s journalism class and her students asked interesting questions about the differences between German and American schools, cultural differences and what we liked best or missed most during our stay in Texas. We did not always agree on the right answers apart from one thing: during our stay in Denton, we definitely missed our German bread. 

After having taken a few pictures we attended our regular classes. Only Willi headed in a different direction. He went to the main office. On behalf of all the German students he expressed our gratitude for being part of this amazing German American Partnership Program via loudspeaker. Additionally, he said thank you to the principal Mr. Perry and to the teachers, who welcomed us in their classes. 

3:30 we left Guyer and went together with our host families to the buzzling airport. Surrounded by a crowd of people, we hugged each other, some of us burst into tears and we didn’t want to leave. A last group picture, a final “Whiskey” and then it was time to say goodbye. Due to terrible weather conditions we had to wait a very long time until the plane took off to London. At the airport in London, we experienced another flight delay because of a technical problem. However, we arrived safe and sound in Berlin. 

We take wonderful memories with us, found new friends and we are looking forward to hosting our partners in Berlin in June.