On Friday,March 17,2023 and on Monday, March 20, 2023, the Classes 7.1 and 8.1 went to the BKA-Theatre to watch the plays “Just thirteen” and “Teenagers in trouble”. Here are some impressions of the plays:

The play “Just thirteen” showed us teenage problems in a funny way. The teenagers Katy and her twin brother Tyler question themselves if they should act like “real“ teenagers or if they are still children.Katy has the feeling that she needs a boyfriend because her best friend has one and Tyler has the feeling that he has to smoke to  act like a grown up and  to be “cool“ for his friends. After a while, they find out  that they maybe just could be themselves and just live for their dreams and seek out for the things they like, could be a chance that they would feel like a part of the teens by just being themselves.

The play “Just Thirteen“ was really well-written and played.The music was perfectly chosen and it gave us nostalgia of our childhood when we used to listen to the song “Shake It Off“by Taylor Swift on the radio. So if anyone would ask us if they should watch the play we would definitely recommend it.

The play was really amusing.The best thing was that we could see the emotions of the actors and spend time together with our class.

Written by the students of class 7.1 (  Vanessa, Pauline, Nadia,Barbara, Kira)

The play “Teenagers in trouble” was a very interesting experience. It was about two teenagers who fell in love with each other.The story takes place in the 1950s in the USA.

 There were only  two actors  who played all the characters and they did it perfectly. The play was really funny and we enjoyed it a lot. We really like that the audience was also invited to participate in the play.

All in all the play was exciting, interesting and easy to follow and understand.

Written by the students of class 8.1